About Us

VTNHET’s mission is to empower both men and women to live their best, most joyful lives, free of stress and shame over what they eat, what they weigh,how they look or their health

Maybe you’re here because you’ve been struggling with food.  You feel like your portions are out of control or you feel like you’re doing everything right and still you can’t lose weight.

Or maybe you’re here because you feel bad about your body.  Getting dressed in the morning is a struggle.  You feel like the way you look (or the way you feel about the way you look) is holding you back in your career, dating, or your relationships.

Eating and body image issues are inevitably intertwined — you feel bad about your body so you eat.  You blame your eating for the way your body looks, and the cycle starts all over again.  Maybe you start a new diet and things feel “under control” again, until your boss yells at you or you can’t fit into your favorite dress or the cookies start calling to you from the kitchen.

The hard truth is that 95% of diets fail.  That’s right — diets nearly always fail.  And when they fail you feel like a failure.  And the answer everyone else gives you is to find a new diet or lifestyle plan or whatever.

But you don’t need a diet or a lifestyle plan.  The answer is not more of the same.  The answer is something totally different. You may also be here because you want to improve your physical or emotional health.

Regardless of the type of health concern you have, you will find VTNHET.com a trusted resources for many of the problems you may be having.

Read this blog to learn more on how to lead a happier, healthier and fulfilling life.