Best Body Fat Analyzer

Best Body Fat Analyzer
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Body fat content refers to the percentage total amount of fat in the body. The role of body fat is protection of the internal organs of the body. Fat also provides the energy required during starvation. A healthy man’s percentage body fat is 24-31 percent while that of a woman is 18-25 percent.

Since the roles played by body fat in the body are so essential, many people are curious to know how to calculate it. The calculation can be done through a body fat analyzer.

A body fat analyzer is an electronic device that works by sending a safe amount of electronic charge through your body from predetermined contact points. The charge, while traveling through your body, measures the body fat present as subcutaneous fluid under the skin. The result the analyzer provides is usually  2% more or less of the actual fat amount. Using a body fat analyzer is the best way of measuring your body fat percentage.

Which are the Best Body Fat Analyzers?

There are different types of body fat scales or analyzers in the market. For example, you could opt for a home body fat analyzer. You can place the device in the bathroom together with other accessories. There are two main types of analyzers you could choose from:

Step-on analyzers

These analyzers require you to step on them to get the readings of body fat percentage. However, before stepping on them, you should answer a few questions that will help you get more accurate results. After this, its time to place your feet on the electrodes.

When you press the “start” button, an electric signal will be released to travel from one leg to your waist. The signal will then divert to the other leg. The process is painless and results appear on the screen after a few seconds.

The two most popular types of step on body fat analyzers are:

i) EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

eatsmart-precision-getfit-digital-body-fat-scaleThis digital scale has an L.C.D display measuring 3.5 inches wide and can serve dual purposes:

  • measure your body fat and body water percentage
  • measure your weight

This scale uses bioelectrical impendence analysis to provide instant readings without you having to tap it. The results are also gotten faster and are extremely accurate. With the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale, not only will you get accurate results, but you will get them fast.

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ii) Withings Smart Body Analyzer

withings-smart-body-analyzerThis is a one of the best body fat scale in the market. The device can determine your body’s fat and weight percentages to help you understand how your body works. With this information, you can make desired changes to your lifestyle.

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer gives accurate readings of the total fat composition of your body and heart rate. This is done without a lot of pressure. Even better, the body fat analyzer can sync your heart rate, weight, fat composition and even the environmental data to a free mobile app.

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Hand-held Analyzers

These are other body fat analyzer models you can purchase for home use. As is  the case with step on analyzers, you have to give out personal information   to use the device. The information required include your age, weight, height, sex and level of activity (you will be asked if you consider yourself “normal” or an “athlete”).

After this step, you will be ready to use the body fat scale. To begin,  place your hands around the handles or galvanized electrodes. Next, extend your arms in a forward position and then press the “start” button. This will trigger the electric current to go up through one hand, through your waist area and then through your body to the hand that’s holding the electrode. After about 2 seconds, you will be able to read your body total fat percentage on the screen.

The two most popular handheld analyzers in the market are the Omron Body Composition Monitor (Model No. HBF306) and the Baseline Handheld Body Fat Analyzer.

i) The Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor (Model No. HBF306)

omron-body-fat-loss-monitorThis hand held body fat analyzer is popular for its ability to measure two crucial fitness indicators; body mass index and body fat percentage. The device produces a subtle micro electrical current that makes it safe for both the young aged and the old.

The Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor has a 9-person profile and a special design athlete mode. This analyzer is an excellent tool for fast, accurate readings.

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ii) Baseline Handheld Body Fat Analyzer

baseline-handheld-body-fat-analyzerThe Baseline Handheld Body Fat Analyzer can measure 32%-60% body water and 4%-45% fat percentage. The hand held body fat scale has both a children and an adult’s mode and is easy to use. Even better, it has two hands that provide a firm grip and can record data for up to 8 people.

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Choosing Between a Step On And a Hand-Held Analyzer

Here are the things to consider when debating whether to choose a step on and a hand-held device.

  1. Price – The step on analyzer is considerably expensive than the hand held analyzer.
  2. Application – Step on analyzers have a wider application as they are able to provide information such as heart rate, weight, and many others. On the other hand, handheld analyzers will only read the percentage body fat in your body.
  3. Technology – Both handheld and the step-on analyzers measure the percentage body fat using a subtle electric current.


When you are looking at purchasing a body fat analyzer for home use, the most important question should be the features that it comes with. Basically, hand held devices with more features cost more. Nevertheless, you should aim at getting maximum benefits from whichever analyzer you choose.  The best hand head analyzer will help you improve your lifestyle, health and general attitude towards life.

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