Professional Liability Insurance for Health Coaches

One of the most important things you have to do when you start a business is to protect yourself against financial losses resulting from claims. The easiest way to do this is by taking an insurance cover. With the right insurance policy, you can protect your personal assets in case of a lawsuit.

However, if you are a health coach, what kind of insurance would be right for you? Moreover, what amount of coverage will you need for your particular business? Will you need a public liability insurance NI policy? Read on to find out.

Insurance Options for Health and Wellness Coaches

While different from most businesses, a health coaching business still needs insurance. As a health coach, anytime you start working with a new client, some form of liability falls on you. This is because your advice or consultation can directly impact the health and wellness of your clients. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your business is safe from any litigation.

Below are some types of insurance that health and wellness coaches should consider:

Business Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance is also known as general liability insurance. This type of insurance protects businesses against claims that may … Read the rest

Side Effects of Wearing Sports Bras

Each one of us has that one sports bras with a perfect fit and makes you want to wear it every time! The sports bra provides excellent hold without any extra cost of getting a full coverage bra and chafing resulting from poking underwires. Besides, sports bras usually give s surgery-free reduction appearance.

woman wearing sports bra

You will agree that some women even wear a sports bra with no intention of working out. This is usually the case with bras with decorative straps. However, there are some consequences of wearing sports bras too much.

Is It Bad to Always Wear a Sports Bra?

The main issue when it comes to bras is, they are tighter this interfering with the lymphatic drainage from the bust, resulting in cysts, pain, and sometimes cancer. Any bra that fits tightly is terrible.

For the most part, wearing a properly fitting sports bra is harmless. What should worry you is the potential damage to your breasts if you keep wearing encapsulation, compression, and underwires bras. There are also high chances of your breasts sagging if you wear an ill-fitting sports bra for a long time.

Additionally, you may suffer nerve entrapment, neck and back pains if the … Read the rest

Challenges of Starting Your Own Yoga Practice

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Amy Elewry. The views expressed in the article do not necessarily refelect the position of If you would like to contribute an article on our site, check our guidelines.

Does one student equal a yoga class?

I know it’s a sort of silly question, but it’s one that beginning teachers commonly face. If your income depends on how many show up for class, small numbers of students in a class is a dilemma.

Yoga teachers aren’t meant to be ‘in it for the money’. But they’ve made a big monetary investment in teaching training. Afterwards, there are insurances to pay, association fees, and continual professional development.

A big hurdle that yoga teachers just starting out have to jump over is that they don’t necessarily get the best teaching times. Six am or four pm classes, for example, are not the best times to attract students.

Another problem occurs when the new teacher is a stand-in for a more popular teacher. As weeks go by, class sizes may dwindle. Small class attendances coupled with the teacher’s own inexperience erode the teacher’s confidence. This may contribute to further a drop in numbers.… Read the rest

6 Ways to Find Food or Health Coupons

Coupons are a great way of saving money. The problem is that very few people know where to find them. Until recently, this was a top secret only known by the ‘who is who’ in the society. Fortunately for you, this secret has since been revealed and you can now save money simply be being in front of a computer.

Following the six simple steps highlighted in this article will guide you to some of the easiest and most effective places to get coupons that can help you save instantly on health products or supermarket shopping.

Cash back digital coupons

Most people confine money saving coupons to supermarkets. However savings don’t stop after checkout, you can use cash-back apps to siphon more money into your bank account.

What you need is your receipt and a smartphone. You can check the products on offer in that particular week or even freebies, and use your phone to save.

Mobile apps like Quidco’s and Shoptize can also help you save if you combine your savings across them.

Contacting brandshealth coupons

An easy way of couponing is finding coupons online. This may however not be directly be related to your shopping habits. To get coupons … Read the rest

Top 5 Benefits of the Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet is a high protein, low carbohydrate weight loss plan very similar to the Banting Diet. It was developed by French physician, Dr. Pierre Dukan and has recently begun to sweep other areas of the world.

It has been dubbed by some as “just another fad diet” and “the new Atkins.” However, there are several benefits to the Dukan diet. Aside from having a sound scientific basis, it is composed of numerous components that make it extremely dieter-friendly. Here some of these unarguable benefits are outlined.

On the Dukan Diet: Eat Real Food

Unlike countless other weight loss programs that promise similar if not inferior results to the Dukan diet, the Dukan diet allows dieters to eat real food. It does not make use of protein shake meal substitutes used in diet plans such as Slimfast or Herbalife.

In fact, Dr. Dukan openly condemns the use of such products, stating they should only be used as a last resort. Meal replacements such as protein shakes may physically satisfy a person’s hunger; however, they do not do the same psychologically.

The experience of eating real food – to be able to chew and taste different textures and flavors – … Read the rest