Treatment Options for Molluscum Contagiosum

What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

Molluscum Contagiosum (MC) is a viral skin infection that manifests itself through small pearly or flesh-colored bumps, which may be clear but with an indented center. The virus that causes this condition is highly contagious but is not harmful.

Generally, most cases of MC will clear up on their own between 6-18 months without treatment. Moreover, when the bumps clear up without being interfered with, no other symptoms or scarring will be experienced. Only spots will be left.

Severe cases of MC that call for treatment are mainly seen with people who have compromised immune system, maybe as a result of other disease conditions. In such cases, treatment is only recommended for adults with unsightly spots that affect their self-esteem. Young children are prohibited from treatment since it may be extremely painful and upsetting. Treatment may sometimes cause permanent scarring.

Treatment Options for MC

Treatment options for MC include over-the-counter medications, mostly in form of lotions, creams and ointments and also hospital procedures. This article will focus on over-the-counter treatment options. You can also find help at Molluscum Solutions.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This is usually available in the form of gel or cream. Too much of it … Read the rest

Indian Hair Extensions: Are these The Best Extensions [Review]

All women want to be beautiful, feel confident and radiant. However, when you have short hair and it doesn’t seem to grow too fast, you turn to extensions. Years ago they were only synthetic and they looked extremely awkward on women’s hair. Nowadays, society has evolved tremendously and the new trend is the natural Indian hair extensions. Remy hair has managed to gain a lot of recognition recently due to its extreme quality. The hair is 100% organic and it’s either Indian hair or Brazilian hair.

How Resistant is the Indian Hair?

indian hair extensions reviewFrequently known as virgin hair or cuticle hair, Indian Remy extensions are an excellent alternative to synthetic hair. Nearly all real hair sold on the market today at beauty salons and nail shops is non-remy. This meansthat the hair doesn’t have cuticles because it was bleached or because it’s synthetic.

Remy hair experiences special finalizing throughout the de-pigmentation stage and the whole process looks like the treatment of cashmere. Hence, the hairs cuticles are maintained in perfect shape and the extensions will be much stronger, more durable, and lively.

Indian hair is gathered straight from the hair contributor. After the hair is tied, it is harvested and preserved. … Read the rest

How to Heal Blisters after Neck Tattoo Removal

One of the questions we’ve gotten through our contact form is about laser hair removal. Jackie from Maryland wanted to know how one can heal the blister that form after removing tattoos. For this answer, we’ve consulted Jack Mesh, a staff at a leading laser tattoo removal parlor to shed more light on the subject.

Take it over, Mesh.

Hey guys,

Neck tattoo removal treatments normally leave you with blisters which you can treat by applying hydrocortisone cream or taking ibuprofen, just like you would do with sunburn. With special care, blisters should heal eventually and disappear on their own.

When laser tattooing is executed properly, you are bound to get blisters approximately eights hours after treatment. You have up to a month before the blisters can completely heal.  Proper care and hygiene is essential for the weeks following your treatment. The good news is that these blisters are normally not deep and do not leave you with scars.

The following steps describe how you would heal blisters after a laser tattoo removal:

The healing process begins right after the laser tattoo specialist finishes tattooing. In our laser tattoo removal clinic we cover your neck (tattooed area) with protective ointment … Read the rest

How to Choose the Right Laser Hair Removal Clinic

You’ve heard the best way to get rid of hair is by shaving. With this advise, you can buy a nice shaver together with shaving cream. You can shave once but notice that the smooth feel only last for an hour. After a few days, you may feel like there is some sand on your body and everything has grown coarse. Sometimes, you will notice some rashes and nicks. Most people who notice these decide shaving is not for them and opt for other ways to get rid of hair such as waxing.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

laser hair removalThe first day you go for waxing, your whole perspective on the idea will change. The pain is intolerable for most people. Moreover, you may end up with some ingrown hair and black spots that do not clear up. After spending almost $60 on waxing and realizing it’s not for you, you can opt for laser hair removal.

Before rushing into laser hair removal, you should read more about the procedure. One questions you may have after learning about the procedure is whether laser hair removal really works. To help us with this, we interviewed Shad Moss, a staff from one of … Read the rest

Complete Guide to Massage Techniques

The History of Massage 

The word “massage” is derived from the French word ‘massage’, which means friction by rubbing and describes the chief primary method used in this therapy. However, massage developed far much earlier. Historical records show that this kind of therapy was used by ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Greeks and Japanese. In one of Hippocrates’s books in 5th century BC, a method of rubbing the body to achieve relief is described and doctors advised people to use it. The Swedish type of massage was developed in Europe and is attributed to Peter Ling, who used it in his gymnastics in 1813. It is the most common massage therapy and was introduced in the US in 1830s by two brothers who were physicians: Dr. George and Dr. Charles Taylor.

The Benefits of Massage

It has now been accepted that massage therapy isan effective form of alternative medicine and can be used alongside other forms of treatments to enhance their effectiveness. Massage is used to alleviate chronic back pain, enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow, which is the source of the body’s immunesystem. It also helps in treating atrophied muscles and strengthens the weak muscles.

The … Read the rest