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Guest Posting Requirements for VTNHET

  • We accept high quality UNIQUE content that focuses on delivering value to our readers. We aim for posts that are anywhere between 600 to 1,500 words in length. please keep in mind that if it is a recipe post you will not need to adhere to a word count.
  • If you haven’t already done so please sign up for a gravatar account using your primary email address and upload an image of yourself here: this is so that we can easily link your bio with an image of yourself.
  • Your content has to be UNIQUE that you have written especially for VTNHET and cannot be found on any other blogs or websites including your own blog.
  • We accept images along with your post, if you cannot find an image we will provide you with one. Please send through these photos as separate attachments when you contact us via email. If you would like to post a recipe please send a high quality image along with your post.
  • We need an image of yourself and a short bio of around 1-3 lines explaining what you are all about – within this bio please feel free to link to your blog website or any social media profiles as you wish.
  • Each post is allowed up to two links, please do not link to not related spammy websites or blogs and NO affiliate links – we double check the links you provide us.
  • Your post must be submitted in a Word Document.
  • Your post has to fit in with the content theme of our site around holistic health and wellness and related topics.
  • We will not accept any guest posts from writers who do not write about holistic health and wellness related topics under any circumstances.
  • We will not accept posts that have grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, please ensure that your post has been corrected to an exceptional standard, this looks good for you and works wonders for your credibility.
  • Please feel free to re-publish your work with a link to the article

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