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Indian Hair Extensions: Are these The Best Extensions [Review]

Indian Hair Extensions: Are these The Best Extensions [Review]
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All women want to be beautiful, feel confident and radiant. However, when you have short hair and it doesn’t seem to grow too fast, you turn to extensions. Years ago they were only synthetic and they looked extremely awkward on women’s hair. Nowadays, society has evolved tremendously and the new trend is the natural Indian hair extensions. Remy hair has managed to gain a lot of recognition recently due to its extreme quality. The hair is 100% organic and it’s either Indian hair or Brazilian hair.

How Resistant is the Indian Hair?

indian hair extensions reviewFrequently known as virgin hair or cuticle hair, Indian Remy extensions are an excellent alternative to synthetic hair. Nearly all real hair sold on the market today at beauty salons and nail shops is non-remy. This meansthat the hair doesn’t have cuticles because it was bleached or because it’s synthetic.

Remy hair experiences special finalizing throughout the de-pigmentation stage and the whole process looks like the treatment of cashmere. Hence, the hairs cuticles are maintained in perfect shape and the extensions will be much stronger, more durable, and lively.

Indian hair is gathered straight from the hair contributor. After the hair is tied, it is harvested and preserved. Unlike plastic hair, the Remy lasts longer, it is elastic, it colors better, it can be curled and straighten.

How Long Does Virgin Indian Hair Last?

There are lots of benefits that come with Virgin Indian Hair extensions. To begin with, they’re your best option for acquiring excellent quality clip-on hair weaves. Due to the undamaged hair follicles and the hair runs in the exact same direction, it can be easily styled and it looks beautiful. In addition, if you choose to purchase virgin hair that was never died, it might last even longer.

And considering that the extensions are 100% organic you can wash them gently with regular shampoo and conditioner. The Indian hair can be ironed and curled to perfection, and unlike synthetic hair it won’t glow excessively but it will look shiny and healthy. A lot of women are struggling when it comes to finding good quality stores from where they can purchase Remy hair. Nowadays, a lot of websites are bogus and you might end up paying thousands of dollars on plastic weaves.

Where to Buy Virgin Indian Hair

Prior to spending your money on cheap weaves, pay close attention to the following tips. For starters, ask your hair stylist if he know any good places from where you can buy the Remy extensions. Analyse more than one place and compare costs. You should also know that not all natural Indian hair extensions are thousands of dollars. If you search properly you can still find durable Remy hair at cheap prices.

Every woman wants to be 100% sure that her investment will last for an extended period of time. Remy hair extensions can last for years if you learn how to take care of them. Avoid too much bleaching and ironing, wash the hair gently once a week and always apply conditioner.

You can always ask your friends for help, as they might know several good places from where you can acquire good quality hair at convenient prices. Although durability matters the most, sometimes price might also come to mind. You can also check the forums. See what other people have said about their investments and ask them questions about the places where they got them. Remy hair extensions are just stunning. Women can opt for various types such as Saga Remy hair, Brazilian or Indian hair. Regardless of the type and length, just make sure it’s genuine and not synthetic.

Look Like a Princess With Remy Indian Hair Extensions

Natural extensions made of human hair are extremely long lasting. You can enjoy your weaves for years to come, however you need to take care of them. Gentle brushing for example, is mandatory. Upon washing, conditioner will make the hair smoother and easier to brush. If you have decided to make such an investment, you are advised to go to a hair stylist to have them inserted into your natural hair.

Although you might think that the process is simple, things are not exactly like that. If you’re a novice you’ll definitely make mistakes and the people on the streets will know you’re wearing extensions. A hair stylist will help you put them on as well as take them off without breaking the hair.

However, if you can’t afford to go to a hair stylist, you can always follow some DIY from the web. There are numerous online tutorials that can teach you how to place your clip-on Remy Indian hair extensions. Pay close attention to every detail if you want to look like a princess. The end result will certainly live up to your expectations, as you’ll be beautiful and ready to impress everyone that surrounds you.

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