Niacin Max Review

Niacin Max Review
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Have you heard about the new bodybuilding supplement known as Niacin Max? If so, you may be looking for a review about it. This is why we have written this Niacin Max review. Do you know you can use supplements to increase your blood oxygen levels by up to 50%? During exercises and bodybuilding training, increased oxygen levels in the blood is important to keep your cells from extreme damage.

Niacin Max is a new product supplement that helps to improve oxygen supply to the brain and muscles. The supplement also increases red blood cell count at the same time. Niacin Max does this effortlessly. When you use the supplement, you don’t need to put in much effort to get more oxygen flowing into your body.

Niacin Max Review: Get a Toned Body

niacin max reviewFor people obsessed with getting a great looking body, Niacin Max is a dream-come-true. The efforts that you have been putting on body building can now pay off in addition by using this supplement, which also improves your vitality and resilience. When you buy Niacin Max and use it, you will achieve your end goal.

Unlike the pill (tablet) or liquid form that most supplements come in, Niacin Max is available in form of a film. Therefore, when you ingest the supplement, it quickly melts in your mouth to release thiamine or Vitamin B1 into your blood stream. Niacin Max also triggers dilation of blood vessels and hence increases the amount of oxygen circulating through your body. The faster the oxygen circulates, the quicker they reach various parts of your body and boost the energy levels. Moreover, thiamine is responsible for nourishing the muscles and the brain, Therefore, you are bound to  consistently improve your performance.

What’s the Science behind Niacin Max?

Niacin Max works in a  pretty simple way:

  • It increases the ability of the pituitary glands to produce HGH by as much as 600%. This high level of HGH helps improve muscle growth, quickens the fat burning process and aids the tissue recovery process.
  • Increases delivery of oxygen to the intended parts. In the process, it reduces exhaustion and increases energy levels. If you take Niacin Max regularly, your red blood cells count will increase.
  • As the flow of oxygen in the blood increases, the functioning of the brain improves. You will have a sharper focus and improved mental capability.

Niacin Max Review: What is the Supplement Made Of?

Niacin Max is made of only one product: a 75mg pure Vitamin B3 (niacin) contained in the easy-to-melt mouth strip. The supplement works using liposomal encapsulation technology. This is the unique factor that makes Niacin Max work better than other products. When you combine this with the innovative delivery system, you get a 5 times better effect than other 100 mg vitamin B3 pills. This however is subject to following the Niacin Max recommended dosages by the manufacturer.

RESOURCE: Niacin Max Official Website

Recommended Niacin Max Dosage

To take Niacin Max, melt one strip on your tongue not less than 10 minutes before taking breakfast. For even better results, take a strip of Niacin Max 3-4 hours before you begin your exercise. If you work out regularly, say 6 days in a week, you can take 2 strips on Niacin Max; one in the morning and one at night, 3 hours prior to going to bed.

niacin max reviews

Niacin Max Review from Customers

Niacin Max is relatively new in the market and as a result, you won’t find many user reviews. However, many people are trying it and from their results, it’s clear Niacin Max works. From the feedback we are getting through our contact form, many people are excited about the product and hope that it will keep its high standards.

However, there have been Niacin Max reviews from subjects in clinical trials. According to results  from various studies,  subjects experienced visible and significant improvement in their energy, concentration levels and performance. Check “The Evidence” section on Niacin Max website for proof showing the supplement works.

Why Is Everyone So Excited About This Brand?

improve-vascularity-with-niacinNew products in the healthcare industry always attract attention. The first thing that people always inquire is its use safety. For example, people want to know what Niacin Max side effects they should expect.

There has not been any conspicuous report of Niacin Max side effects. However, some users reported a slight flushing or redness about 10 minutes after taking the supplement. This short-term side effect has been termed “Niacin flash”. It can also include tingling sensation around the neck, on the chest area and on the arms.

The manufacture has been alerted about this and says it’s nothing serious but a gesture that the product is effective in your system. These Niacin side effects are attributed to increase in flow of oxygen-rich blood within the body. The side effects last for less than ten minutes. The good news is that the flashes reduce when you continue using Niacin Max.

Which Brands Compete With Niacin Max?

Niacin Max has undergone intense clinical trial and its results have been proven again and again. No other brand can stand up to its class especially since most of the other brands haven’t been sufficiently tested. You can access all reports on Niacin Max clinical trials online. The manufacturer is confident of the results the supplement provides.

Money back guarantee

Niacin Max manufacturer is confident about the quality of the product. The company offers 100% moneyback guarantee if you don’t experience the expected results within 60 days. Even if you return the box with a few sachets less, you will get all your money back.

Buying Details

You can directly buy Niacin Max from the official website. The cost of one box is 29.00£ or 39.99$ and contains 30 strips. This box is a one-month dose. You can also opt for $79.98, which gives you two boxes and a third one free. If you order larger packs you will get them at a discounted price.

Visit Niacin Max Official Website Here

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