7 Health Benefits of Pineapple

7 Health Benefits of Pineapple
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Pineapple is an exotic fruit loved in snack, dessert, juice, sweet and savory dishes. It is found very easily in almost all food stores throughout the year. When ripe, it has a sweet smell that invites you to eat it. One great thing about the pineapple is that it is not a high calorie fruit, although the taste is very sweet.

In addition to its good taste, pineapple is full of health benefits. It actually contains many minerals, nutrients and enzymes that are useful in boosting our immune system and help the body fight against diseases and infections.

Pineapples also contain many vitamins. Among them is vitamin C, which has immunostimulating (Immunostimulant), antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. The fresh juice of this beautiful fruit is a real cocktail that helps the body fight against internal pathogenic attacks and external aggressions.

Discover the 7 most interesting health benefits of pineapple.

1) Weight Loss

One of the benefits of pineapple is withregards to weight loss. The fruit eliminates extra fluid in the body, which causes us to naturally lose fat in areas where water retention tends to settle such as the belly and thighs. Furthermore, thanks to its low-calorie content, pineapple can be eaten and not have any impact on your daily caloric intake.

Another pineapple benefit is that the fiber content helps regulate intestinal transit and facilitates the digestive process. Pineapple also contains bromelain, an enzyme that is useful in assimilating proteins that are difficult to break down. Thus, this healthy fruit helps prevent constipation and bloating associated with foods that our digestive system struggle to absorb.

2) Relief Pain and Joint Inflammation

Bromelain contained in pineapples also has anti-inflammatory properties. This makes pineaplle an ideal fruit for people suffering from pain and joint inflammation. In a recent study in Germany, a group of scientists have compared treatment of bromelain with diclofenac (100 mg/day), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, for six weeks on 90 people suffering with osteoarthritis of the hip.

The result was amazing. The natural enzyme treatment is as effective as diclofenac in relieving osteoarthritis pain. On top of that, the enzyme has fewer or no unwanted side effects, unlike the drug which has serious reactions such as severe abdominal pain, agitation, blurred vision, hearing loss, loss of consciousness, and vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds.benefits of pineapples

3) Anti-cancer

Pineapple also has anti cancer properties thanks to the bromelain in it. Many studies have found this powerful enzyme aturally fight against cancer cells, mainly colon cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer cells. Therefore, cancer patients, as well as those who want to prevent the disease, should eat plenty of pineapple.

Clinical observations and several animal and cellular model-based studies suggest that bromelain could have a direct damaging effect on formation and reproduction of cancer cells and their microenvironment. The enzyme also has a direct effect in the regulation and boosting of the immune system cells to fight carcinogenic attacks (causes cancer), and aid the hemostatic process which helps in promoting blood clotting.

4)  Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

More than 10 studies have demonstrated that bromelain has anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, anti-platelet and fibrinolytic properties (to dissolve blood clots). Small studies have also demonstrated that bromelain leads to a decreased risk of angina, as well as lower high blood pressure. The enzyme may also reduce the risk of coronary heart attack.

However, few clinical studies have been conducted in humans. Most were either in vitro or in vivo studies in animals, making it very difficult to fully confirm these findings.

5) Preventing and Treating Colds

It is very common in certain countries in Europe, such as Germany, for children with colds to be treated with bromelain from pineapple. The treatment is more effective than conventional allopathic treatments. The enzyme reduces the time of illness to 6.5 days on average against about 8 days of conventional therapy.

Not only do the enzymes from pineapples provide faster results, they are also safer, causing no side effects whatsoever. Eating fresh pineapple also helps control the symptoms of sinusitis or prevent its complications such as infection.

6) Healing Burns and Wounds

In addition to bromelain, some pineapple enzymes are effective in accelerating the healing of wounds and burns. An experiment conducted on severely burned rats showed that two pineapple enzyme extracts helped relieve burns in 4 hours. Debridement (removal of damaged tissue or foreign objects from a wound) can be done without any complications.

Moreover, according to some US researchers who studied the effects of several plant extracts on wound healing, pineapple enzymes reduce swelling, bruising, pain and healing time after trauma or surgery. The enzymes facilitate faster recovery after surgical procedure.

7) Detoxifying

Thanks to its diuretic properties, pineapple helps the body remove excess fluid and avoid retention or build up of toxins that invade our organisms on daily basis. However, pineapples, like any other diuretic, should be consumed naturally and in reasonable quantities. Otherwise, excessive fluid loss can lead to dehydration.

Whether you want to become or remain healthy, or you are looking to live longer, pineapple is a fruit you need to adopt in your diet. Eating the fruit is even more important for people who want to lose weight or have been diagnosed with cancer.

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