Side Effects of Wearing Sports Bras

Side Effects of Wearing Sports Bras
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Each one of us has that one sports bras with a perfect fit and makes you want to wear it every time! The sports bra provides excellent hold without any extra cost of getting a full coverage bra and chafing resulting from poking underwires. Besides, sports bras usually give s surgery-free reduction appearance.

woman wearing sports bra

You will agree that some women even wear a sports bra with no intention of working out. This is usually the case with bras with decorative straps. However, there are some consequences of wearing sports bras too much.

Is It Bad to Always Wear a Sports Bra?

The main issue when it comes to bras is, they are tighter this interfering with the lymphatic drainage from the bust, resulting in cysts, pain, and sometimes cancer. Any bra that fits tightly is terrible.

For the most part, wearing a properly fitting sports bra is harmless. What should worry you is the potential damage to your breasts if you keep wearing encapsulation, compression, and underwires bras. There are also high chances of your breasts sagging if you wear an ill-fitting sports bra for a long time.

Additionally, you may suffer nerve entrapment, neck and back pains if the breasts are not getting enough support, especially for women with more massive breasts. It can also cause irreparable damage to the ligaments in the breasts, which results to stretch marks. But you can always wear a sports bra as long as it does not fit too tight or too loose.

Can I Wear a Regular Bra to The Gym?

Wearing a regular bra to the gym tends to cause stretching of the breast tissue, damaging it, and this increases chances of sagging in future which is also a case with a loose-fitting sports bra. So, for the love of your breasts, you shouldn’t consider wearing your regular bra when working out.

If you are pregnant, make sure you get the correct size bra. Here is a guide on how to determine nursing bra size while pregnant.

In the long run, it’s always advisable to wear a bra that would be best suited for the occasion. Wear your regular bras as you go about your daily activities and sports bras for your workout sessions.

Should I Wear A Sports Bra to The Gym?

When women hit the gym, making a fashion statement is usually the last thing in their mind. Still, some athletic attire can be the genesis of insecurity, especially if you have tight-fitting workout clothes. Women can’t win on this as wearing a sports bra to the gym is likened to showing off.

woman wearing sports bra

Can You Wear a Regular Bra When Working Out?

All bras exist to offer breast support and reduce movement while you are exercising. Choosing to wear or not wear a bra is a personal choice if the breasts are free to ricochet around the body. It can irritate the tissue, which in turn leads to breast pain.

Good quality sports bras are mainly designed to handle any motion and movement. It, therefore, means that when you get to move, the sports bra will offer ultimate support while firmly holding the breasts, which makes it more comfortable than a regular bra.

How to Wear a Sports Bra for The Gym

Always wear a sports bra to the gym when exercising especially if you are taking on high impact activities even if you wear a small cup size.

woman wearing sports bra

You hand wash your sports bra and avoid putting them in a dryer unless the manufacturer recommends it.

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